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*crashes through your wall*


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hanging out with your best friend more like


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@ladygaga: car to airplane, hotel to garage, vintage coat, life a mirage

@ladygaga: car to airplane, hotel to garage, vintage coat, life a mirage

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On my tone


You really are dominant when it comes down to crushing men and mocking them for their insecurities. You really hate weak men, don’t you?

Oh, please.

You’re confusing dominant for simply not being submissive, and what you consider “crushing” and “mocking” is really just a tone no less condescending than the one men typically use with women in everyday interactions.

It’s fascinating that you would think I hate men when, at worst, all I’m doing is matching their level of respect.

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Zoom venera9:

will you take me to nirvana


will you take me to nirvana

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I’m really only relaxed and refreshed after several days alone.

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Artist: Lady Gaga
Song: Venus (Live Vocal Ending)
Album: ARTPOP (Demos)
Plays: 2,194


I added the higher pitched vocals that Gaga uses when she sings Venus live into the last chorus of the studio version, making the ending sound a bit thicker and more climactic.


The ending isn’t my work and I’d like to give full credit to 9thaudioscience for making it. All I did was add their work onto the studio version of the song, which I assume they intended to do, but never followed through with posting a finished product. I just loved it so much, sorry!!


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